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Mindoro Oriental Province
occupies the eastern part of the island of Mindoro. It is bounded on the north by the Verde Island Passage, on the east by Tablas Strait, on the west by Occidental Mindoro, and on the south by Semirara Island.
Capital: Calapan
Land Area: 4 364.7 sq km
Population: 550 049
Cities: none
Number of Towns: 15

The land_______________________________

The province´s varied topography is dominated by rugged mountain ranges on the west and fertile valleys towards the eastern coast.

The Halcon mountain range runs from north to south and serves as the province´s natural boundary with Occidental Mindoro. Mt. Halcon is the fourth highest peak in the Philippines.

The province does not have pronounced dry or rainy periods but is open to southwest monsoons and typhoons.

A Brief History___________________________

In the early 17th century, the island of Mindoro was separated from Bonbon (now Batangas) and organized into a "corregimiento". Puerto Galera, what is now Oriental Mindoro, was made its capital.

In 1837, the capital was transferred to Calapan and remained until June 13, 1950, when Mindoro was divided into two provinces. Oriental Mindoro retained Calapan as its capital.

Mindoro originally included the island of Maestro de Campo, east of Pinamalayan, but the island has since become a part of Romblon.

The People______________________________

Tagalog is the main dialect spoken. Other dialects spoken include Ilocano, Cebuano, and Mangyan.

The Mangyans were among the earliest inhabitants of Mindoro. The term Mangyan is a generic name for the diverse groups inhabiting the mountains and foothills.

Commerce and Industry_____________________

Agriculture is the major economic activity in the province. The principal products are rice, coconut, corn, citrus and other fruits. Cattle and poultry raising, and rubber planting are done in large-scale. Fishing is lucrative, with 13 coastal towns as rich fishing grounds.

The province has abundant mineral resources. Gold, coal, white marble and slate deposits are some of minerals mined in the province.

Getting There and Away_____________________

Ferries from Batangas travel to the province daily.

Other Information__________________________

Puerto Galera is a major tourist destination. Its numerous white beaches are ideal for water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating and swimming.

Aside from its beaches, Puerto Galera has other attractions. A mini-museum in the compound of the Catholic Church displays valuable Chinese artifacts and porcelain dishes from the island´s early trading days.

The marble Cross at Muelle is a landmark in memory of the crew of a Spanish warship which sank in 1879.

Tamaraw Falls, the largest waterfall in the province, is 131 meters above sea level with a natural swimming pool at its base.

The Marble Quarry in Mt. Talipandan is where 17 different kinds of marble are extracted.

Map of Mindoro Oriental Province
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