Seaside Villa and Beach for Sale (Code: BF-7101)
Masbate City, Masbate, Philippines
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While most pricey beach front properties sit alone a secluded place where there is practically no neighborhood to speak of - making the new owner wonder about security and harmony, this property is proud to be different. Sitting astride a fisherman's village in the north and a peaceful barangay at the south, this property goes beyond elegance and away from life's complexities - living harmoniously with the villagers which are happy to extend help should a need arise.

The beautiful sunrise in the strait of San Bernardino will greet you in the morning, as this place is also known as the fish basket of San Bernardino, you can actually witness the village folks harvesting the sea bounty adjacent to your beach and as you go along their way, these friendly neighbors will gladly share part of their catch for your breakfast. Chatting with the neighbors could also be pure fun as many of them are retired professionals, from the government service and other fields; some are from foreign countries. And as you let time pass, enjoy the freshness of air from the sea because you now deserve to be free of life’s complications and your new home is not only about sophistication - it is also about simplicity, peace of mind and a sense of belongingness.
LOCATION Masbate City, Masbate, Philippines
Map of Masbate | About Masbate

The Property Location
LOT AREA 2,200 sq.m. (property 1), 600 sq.m. (property 2)
PROP. TYPE Beachfront
Property 1: 2,200 square meters of raw land ideal for beach resort and hotel. It has about 20 meters of entrance from the national highway.

Property 2: Seven Bedroom Unfinished Villa

This property is in the province of Masbate, Phillippines. Certificate of Title is clean and up-to-date property tax.
  • It is situated along the national road of Masbate province, and 20 kilometers away from the city of Masbate where airport and pier is located. It is also a mere 20 minutes drive from the city’s wet and dry market, big schools and colleges; churches and hospitals.
  • 24 hour electricity and running water is readily available. Cell phone, internet and local/national TV signal is strong.
Unfinished Two Storey Villa

  • Seven bedrooms at the second floor with three toilets and bath.
  • At the ground floor is a large multi-purpose hall and a guest toilet and bath plus a big space for kitchen or service bay area.
  • The building is designed as a three storey but construction was halted at the second floor.
  • Wall finishing is rough cement only.
  • Floor area for each floor is 10 by 15 meters or 150 square meters.
  • The whole villa lot has an area of 600 square meters and is abound with fruit-bearing trees like mangoes, jackfruit, avocado, star apple, tropical banana and coconut trees.
  • The villa is accessible through a barangay road—by a detour from the highway about 20 meters away.
  • The lot is enclosed in a 5 feet concrete fence on three sides.
  • The main entrance gate is made of strong galvanized pipes and steel iron sheet.
  • The eastern side is bounded by the beach and sea which is known as the fish basket of San Bernardino Strait.

Main Facilities and Amenities:
  • 24 hour electric power;
  • Strong Smart, PLDT and Globe signal plus connection to internet.
  • Television signal of channel 2 and 7 is strong.
  • 24 hours water sourced from a deep well with water pump.
  • A local purified water store is just 50 meters away.

Part of the spacious yard and garden is three neatly lined huge talisay trees whose branches are sprawled high above providing cool sea breeze - making it a favorite relaxing place all day and a perfect venue for a party or a gathering of up to 100 guest.   The third floor with a floor area of 150square meter is ideal for another floor of building expansion.
PRICE Property 1:
- PHP 1,450 per square meter or joint venture

Property 2: Seven Bedroom Unfinished Villa
- PHP 1.950 Million

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THIS PROPERTY: Code: BF-7101 (Seaside Villa and Beach for Sale - Masbate)
Mobile Number: 0999-995-6848
Landline: 359-1735 (Direct Buyers only)

1 hectare = 2.47 acres | 1 hectare = 10,000 square meters | 1 acre = 4,000 square
meters | 1 square meter = 10.76 square feet | 1 kilometer = 0.62 miles
1 meter = 3.28 feet | 1 meter = 1.09 yards
sq.m. = square meters | PHP = Philippine Peso | U.S.$ = United States Dollar
m = meter | approx = approximately | km = kilometer | min = minute

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