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Dear Sir/Madam:

SELL YOUR PROPERTY FAST (or advertise your real estate- or home-building-related business, services, or products) the most affordable and effective way! Sell through (website: or, a web-based property advertiser and the No. 1 real estate website in the Philippines.


“…I want to say that your web site is really great!  It is both highly informative and very functional. It is the best of all the Philippine Real Estate websites that I have viewed.   Keep up the great work and best of success!”  

- M. Rademakers was the only website from the Philippines that became one of the Media Partners of the Global Real Estate & China Strategy 2006 (GRECS 2006)held in Shanghai, China. Some of the other media partners of that event were The Wall Street Journal and CNBC. is currently one of the Media Partners of a weekly TV show “Philippine Realty TV” which can be seen here and abroad via ABS-CBN's ANC and TFC. Airing every Saturday at 11PM with replay every Sunday at 1PM. Show runs until July, 2008.

Why Advertise With is currently (as of August 2017) visited by around 3,012 UNIQUE VISITORS everyday! It is a well-promoted website which is visited by many people here and abroad who are searching for properties to buy in the Philippines. Hence, properties being advertised in our website are seen by foreign nationals, balikbayans, filipinos working abroad, local market (including those from Manila, Davao, Cebu, etc.), and businessmen from all places, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your property for sale needs to be advertised on the Internet so it can be seen by those people who can really afford it. Advertise with us and join our horde of satisfied clients who had sold their properties easily!

How Visible Is On The Internet?
It is ranked among TOP 10 in many major SEARCH ENGINES ON THE INTERNET (such as,,and using any of these search keywords/keyphrases: houses for sale in the Philippines, properties for sale in the philippines, beachfront properties for sale, islands for sale philippines, etc. and province-or city-specific keywords/keyphrases such as manila houses for sale, cebu properties for sale, cebu houses for rent, etc.

Is Being Advertised In Newspapers And Other Traditional Media?
Yes. Once in a while, is also being advertised in leading local and national newspapers. Those looking for properties through the newspapers will see and hence will see your property once they open the website. This means that if your property is being advertised in our website (, it will be seen by both those who search for properties thru the Internet, and by those who search thru the newspapers.

How Will Your Properties Be Advertised?
Unlike newspaper advertising, your property will be advertised on the Internet thru our website with pictures and plenty of words to describe it. Click here to view sample of a property being advertised in our website

How Much Does It Cost?


We advertise the property. We create the webpages, host them in our website, include in our listing pages, and promote in Internet Search Engines.

INCLUSION: 2 webpages, 100 – 500 words to describe the property, 5 - 10 pictures of the property.

EXPOSURE: Nationwide and worldwide - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CONDITION: Owner/seller will answer inquiries by prospective buyers through phone/email/ personal visit. NO COMMISSION to give to us once property is sold!

Bronze (4 months) PHP 2,900.00
Silver (8 months) PHP 4,900.00
Gold (1 year) PHP 6,900.00
Requirements: Please submit: 1. Property Information, 2. Pictures, 3. Photocopy of Title.

How To Get Started?
Call or text us at no. 0917-7000011 - look for Bambi Temblor. Or email us at

Click here to view sample of a property being advertised in our website

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