2.5-hectare Beachfront Property For Sale (Code: BF-7220)
San Jose, Antique, Philippines

2.5-hectare Beachfront Property

A beautiful villa with a wide sandy beachfront, ideal place for the family who likes picnics and enjoy catching fresh tilapia and bangus from its own fishpond. A property for the family who seeks peace and healthy lifestyle. 4 minutes away from the town center.

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LOCATION San Jose, Antique, Philippines
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LOT AREA 25,013 sq.m.
FLOOR AREA 574 sq.m.
YEAR OF COMPLETION 2001, regularly modernized and improvised up to date
PROP. TYPE Beachfront/Residential/Agricultural

Property has a very nice sandy beach fronting the property.
Beautiful house and lot with fully developed landscape.
Has a private road right of way.
5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms & showers with individual water-heaters or can be made into central hot water by putting water tank &heater by the garage.
1st floor has a master‘s bedroom with toilet, bath and two sinks (his & her) and balcony. Has a lot of built-in cabinets, air conditions, and cathedral ceiling. Chinese style kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room, living room, stove is La Germania both gas & electric. 2 bedrooms has also bath and shower & sink. Ample quantity of cabinets & spaces. Also a laundry room with large sink & American style Whirlpool model washing & dryer machines, refrigerator & freezer & microwave.
2nd floor has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathrooms with bathtub & shower and sink, with cabinets, air conditions, mezzanine (loft).
All bedrooms floors are pieces of mahogany, woods, including the stairs and the loft floors.
All bedrooms have a covered patios.
Water source: 3 deep wells all electric and manually operated (in case of brownout) and all potable.
Generator: 25 KVA emergency lighting, to run refrigerator, freezer, air cons, water pumps and electric fans.
Fishponds: tilapia and bangus
Has a dirty kitchen.
Two car garage covered and lock.
Trees/Fruit trees:
999 live mahogany, 28 live germilina, 20 live Mexican fruit sweet sapote, 14 live rambutan fruit, 10 lanzones, 28 live mangos, 26 live sereguellas, 11 live star apples, 3 live cashew, 4 live lomboy (similar to cherries), 14 live jackfruit 17 live avocado, 14 live chico, 70 live coconut, 2 live Indian dates, 7 live bug nay (like small berries), 40 live guyavano, 12 live tamarind sweet (Bangkok, Thailand), 300+ live atis (cherimoya family), 8 live black berries (native, Mindanao), 2 live santol sweet native, 80 live Banana (mondo brand), 3 camache, 1 live breadfruit (rema), 6 live papaya, 2 live batwan, 3 live loquat (Bangkok, Thailand), 6 live long gun (Bangkok, Thailand), 3 live cabugao orange (native but sweet), 3 live belingbing (native), and 100 live pineapple, Hawaiian.
Other things in the house are negotiable: such as plates, silver wares and car. All are transferred “as is”.


PHP 30 Million

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GROCERY STORES about 4-5 minutes
SHOPPING CENTERS about 4-5 minutes
WET MARKET about 4-5 minutes
PREP./ELEM. SCHOOL about 3 minutes
HIGH SCHOOL about 3 minutes
COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY about 4-5 minutes
HOSPITALS about 5 minutes
TOWN CENTER about 4-5 minutes
CAPITAL CITY/TOWN about 4-5 minutes
THIS PROPERTY: Code: BF-7220 (2.5-hectare Beachfront Property For Sale - Antique)
E-MAIL: 9999antique@gmail.com

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