Along the Road Commercial/Residential House
and Lot for Sale (Code: CM-442)
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Along the Road House and Lot,
2 Titles of 79 square meters
1 Title of 85 square meters
1 Title of 73 square meters

A house and lot located just along the road with access to public transportation. Electricity, water, cellphone are all accessible. Located in a peaceful neighborhood.


LOCATION T-Padilla, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
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LOT AREA 2 Titles of 79 square meters
1 Title of 85 square meters
1 Title of 73 square meters
FLOOR AREA 200 sq.m.
PROP. TYPE Overlooking House
PROPERTY INFORMATION Electricity, water, cellphone are all accessible
Just along the road
Access to public transportation
Located behind CPILS School
PRICE PHP 10,000 per square meter

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THIS PROPERTY: Code: RH-730 (Along the Road House and Lot - Cebu)
Contact: Joey Lim
Mobile: (+63) 9176264159
Landline: (032)2621-558, (032)3180-163, (032)3180-496
Note: Calling hours only between (9am-9pm)
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