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Tanikalang Ginto
Philippines Hotels and Resorts

Negros Oriental - Cheap Hilltop Land For Sale
Siaton, near Dumaguete (RL-1040) 8,804 sq.m. (2.1 acres)
only Php 250/sq.m near main road town center - 2 km
6 Acacia trees 300 Mahogany trees 9 foreigners w/in 2km
near beach - 10 minutes walk more info.

Negros Oriental
Beach Condo 4sale, flr-86sqm, 2 bedrms (Code: CD-8068)
more info.
Cebu City
Condo: One Pavilion Place, high-rise living w/mall(Code: CD-8057) more info.
House for Sale, Subd, 4BR, 2T&B, near school (Code: RH-6348) more info.



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Rice/Corn Mill For Sale

Properties of this category to be added soon!

Restaurants/Bars For Sale

Mabalacat City, Pampanga
Commercial Lot for Sale (Code: CM-9378)
3,244 sq.m. - - Comm'l PHP 21 Million
Rush sale! Commercial lot ideal for restaurant or motor shop. Very accessible to all points of interest. Located in Dau, Mabalacat Pampanga. MORE INFO

Grocery/Market Stores For Sale

San Narciso, Zambales
Newly Constructed Commercial Building/ House and Lot for Sale (Code: CM-9381)
294.5 sq.m. abt. 600 sq.m. - Comm'l/Res'l P10 M
A two storey commercial building with house on the 2nd floor. Titled. Located at the central business community center of San Narciso, Zambales. Designed as the biggest grocery building in town. MORE INFO

Other Businesses For Sale

Santander, Cebu
Beach Resort for Sale (Code: CM-9543)
3,000 sq. m. - - Comm'l/B'front PHP 35 M
Tired of the cityscape we would like to beguile your senses to the allurements of Bongavilla. Allow yourself to be enthralled with what awaits your eyes to see. The prefix Bonga our very own dialect when translated to the English language means grand. The manicured lawn simply exudes natures charm. MORE INFO

Boracay Island, Aklan
Flora East Resort and Spa for Sale (Code: CM-9502)
513+ sq.m. 1150+ sq.m. - Comm'l PHP 55 Million
Located in the quiet hills of south-eastern part of Boracay Island and overlooking Sibuyan Sea. The Property has access to the main road of Sitio Sugod which connects to the main roads of the island. The property has a private access to a small rocky beach via steps. MORE INFO

Buenavista, Guimaras
10 Hectares Enrico Beach Resort (Code: BF-7911)
10 hectares - - Beachfront PHP 86 M
It is a mere 15 minute boat ride from Iloilo City. The beach is lined with white sands and coconut trees while there are mango trees located on the land above, just before the cliff, as well as an incredible view of Iloilo City. MORE INFO

Mexico, Pampanga
Resort for Sale (Code: CM-9383)
13,000 sq.m. - - Comm'l/Resort PHP 13.5 M
This 13,000 square meter nice resort is located in a safe and quiet neighborhood. It is very ideal for family gathering, company outing, and other occasions. It already has established customers and this is an income-generating property which assures fast retun of investment. MORE INFO

Rosario, Batangas
Sugarcane Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3945)
9 hectares - - Agri PHP 55/sq.m.
This sugarcane farm is located along provincial highway. Solely cultivated for sugarcane only. Flat and rolling terrain, less than 30 minutes from town center. Has electricity access, deep well source of water and cellphone signal. MORE INFO

Rosario, Batangas
Mango Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3943)
5 hectares - - Agri PHP 300/sq.m.
This mango farm is located along provincial highway. Planted with more or less than 200 mango trees. It has flat terrain. Less than 30 minutes going to Rosario & San Juan town center. Has electricity access and cell phone signal. MORE INFO

San Juan, Batangas
Sugarcane Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3942)
2 hectares - - Agri PHP 250/sq.m.
This farm is located along provincial highway. Few minutes’ drive to town center. Fully planted with sugar cane. Titled property. Closing Cost Iinclusive. MORE INFO

San Juan, Batangas
Mango Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3941)
5 hectares - - Agri PHP 250/sq.m.
This mango farm is located along concrete barangay road about 1.5 kilometers from provincial highway. Planted with more or less than 300 mango trees. Less than 30 minutes from San Juan town center. MORE INFO

Pagbilao, Quezon
Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3936)
1.5 hectare - - Agri - Farm PHP 400/sq. m.
This lot is located along provincial highway, planted with coconut trees and few mango. Few minutes’ drive going to Pagbilao town center. Ideal for vacation farm. MORE INFO

Pagbilao, Quezon
Lot For Poultry Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3935)
19,745 sq. m - - Agri - Farm PHP 120/sq. m.
This lot is located along concrete barangay road more or less 2.5 kilometers from highway. It has electricity access, cell phone signal and deep well water source. It is in the zoning for poultry farm. MORE INFO

Lucban, Quezon
Farm Along Provincial Road for Sale (Code: AG-3934)
7,255 sq. m - - Agri - Farm PHP 125/sq. m.
This property is located along provincial road with access to electricity and cellphone signal. About kilometer from the highway. About 10 minutes going to Kamay ni Jesus Grotto. Planted with lanzones, coconut trees. Ideal for vacation farm. MORE INFO

Dauin, Negros Oriental
Beautiful Residential/Agricultural Lot for Sale (Code: AG-3930)
8,060 sq.m. - - Agri/Res'l PHP 6 M
Beautiful residential/agricultural lot situated along the main road planted with lots of mango trees, coconut trees, jackfruit, and other fruit trees. MORE INFO

San Juan, Batangas
Piggery Farm with House for Sale (Code: AG-3926)
5,000 sq.m. - - Farm PHP 3.5 M
This piggery farm is located less than a kilometer from the highway. It has right of way, access to electricity, cellphone signal, and own source of water. The piggery house has capacity about 100 heads. The house is built on concrete materials. MORE INFO

Lucban, Quezon
Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3921)
6,145 sq.m. - - Farm PHP 1.6 M
This farm is located along concrete brgy. road with access to electricity and cellphone signal. Planted with pineapple and coconut trees. More or less than 15 minutes' drive going to the town center of Lucban. Ideal for vacation farm. Titled property. Closing cost inclusive. MORE INFO

Tayabas City, Quezon
Poulty Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3920)
10 hectares - - Farm PHP 35 M
This property is located about 1.5 kilometers from the highway with right of way. There are 4 buildings (tunnel vent type) and has 16 thousand capacity each building. It has current permit to operate and supplier for KFC. MORE INFO

Calauan, Laguna
Farm with Spring Water Source for Sale (Code: AG-3918)
48 hectares - 50m Farm P 800/sq.m.
This farm is located along highway and planted with rambutan and lanzones. It has existing building used for water refilling station and filtration plant. Spring water source inside the property that can supply big volume of water throughout the year. MORE INFO

San Juan, Batangas
Poultry Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3917)
7 hectares - - Farm PHP 25 M
This poultry farm is located about a kilometer from provincial highway. It has 2 building with capacity 6 thousand (LAYER) and 95% production daily. About 2 hectares are devoted for poultry farm and the 5 hectares are planted with more than 100 citrus and coconut trees. MORE INFO

Pagbilao, Quezon
Piggery Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3164)
8,374 sq.m. - - Farm PHP 15 M
This farm is located along provincial highway, overlooking the town of Pagbilao and Tayabas bay, just few minutes going to town center. It has been operating for many years and has current permit to operate from local government unit and ECC from DENR. MORE INFO

Lucban, Quezon Province
Four Storey Boarding House for Sale (Code: CM-9348)
72.50 sq.m. 290 sq.m. - Comm'l PHP 12 M
This newly built four storey boarding house is located close to SLSU. It can accommodate 48 boarders, with separate water and electricity meter each floor. The upper floors has no interior and exterior paint yet. The ground floor is utilized as commercial space. MORE INFO

Pagbilao, Quezon Province
Poultry Farm for Sale (Code: AG-3137)
9 hectares - - Agri PHP 35 M
This poultry farm is located about 3.5 kilometers from the highway. It is currently operational with 2 buildings and has capacity 33 thousand chickens each building. It has generator, automatic feeders and waterers machine for the chickens (building is a tunnel vent type). MORE INFO

Mahayag, Albuera, Leyte
Business/Resort for Sale (Code: CM-409)
6,000 plus sq.m. - - resort Php 36 Million
LGS Scandinavia Resort offers you a warm and relaxing atmosphere, where nature is just a breath away. If you want to explore the beach, it's just 200 meters away. MORE INFO

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