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Philippines Hotels and Resorts

Negros Oriental - Cheap Hilltop Land For Sale
Siaton, near Dumaguete (RL-1040) 8,804 sq.m. (2.1 acres)
only Php 250/sq.m near main road town center - 2 km
6 Acacia trees 300 Mahogany trees 9 foreigners w/in 2km
near beach - 10 minutes walk more info.

Oriental Mindoro
Tropical Island for Full Blown Resort
(Code: IS-9720)
more info.
Negros Oriental
Beach Condo 4sale, flr-86sqm, 2 bedrms (Code: CD-8068)
more info.
Oriental Mindoro
Tropical Island for Dive Resort
(Code: IS-9721)
more info.
Cebu City
Condo: One Pavilion Place, high-rise living w/mall(Code: CD-8057) more info.



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Batangas Province < Luzon Region, near Manila >

Properties from this area will be posted here soon.

Bicol Province < Luzon Region >

Properties from this area will be posted here soon.

Bohol Province
< Visayas Region, near Cebu >

Tagbilaran, Bohol
Island for Sale (Code: IS-519)
53,000 sq.m. - - Island P 500/sq.m.
An island ideal for a beach resort or home. Beautiful, wide, white sand beaches with existing fish ponds. It is a tax declared property, 5.3 hectares declared disposable and elienable land in favor of the owner. MORE INFO

Guimaras Province < Visayas Region >

Properties from this area will be posted here soon.

Ilocos Norte Province < Luzon Region, near Manila >

Marinduque Province < Luzon Region, near Manila >

Properties in this area will be posted soon.

Oriental Mindoro < Luzon Region, near Manila >

Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro
Tropical Island for Full Blown Resort (Code: IS-9720)
75,486 sq.m. 720 m. - Island P 650/sq.m.
Close to the mainland; ideal for a beautiful resort. This property has 4 houses built on the island, a backup generator, a desalination plant for up to 800 gallons of fresh water per day. It has an inland lagoon and has 5 separate beaches that are ideal to construct properties on.

Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro
Tropical Island for Dive Resort (Code: IS-9721)
19,805 sq. m. - - Island P 650/sq.m.
Close to the mainland; Ideal for a Dive Resort. MORE INFO

Palawan Province < Luzon Region, near Manila >

El Nido, Palawan
Beautiful Island Portion for Sale (Code: IS-9719)
3 Hectares -   Island PHP 300/sq. m.
This beautiful beach property is located in an island. The island is about 15-20 minutes by boat to the mainland. It has powdery white sand and crystal blue water. Planted with some coconut trees. It has cell phone signal, deep well water source. MORE INFO

Busuanga, Palawan
Island Portion for Sale (Code: IS-9718)
8 Hectares - 200 m. Island PHP 300/sq. m.
Property has an estimated 200 meter long beach frontage, situated in a secluded cove, fronting the West side of Busuanga Island. It is surrounded by island resorts. Closing Cost inclusive. Titled property. MORE INFO

Busuanga, Palawan
Beautiful Island for Sale (Code: IS-9717)
370,032 sq. m. - - Island PHP 300/sq. m.
This island property is located few minutes by boat from the mainland Busuanga. It has mangroves in some areas and open white sand beach and rocks. It has flat and hilly portion, with cell phone signal. MORE INFO

Culion, Palawan
Island with Building and Improvement for Lease or Sale
(Code: IS-9716)
2.2 hectares 115 sq. m. - Island P 25,000,000
Island with nice house on top of the hill with excellent views. The island has a tennis court, a fully functional boat pier, two water tanks (one of them elevated) and a diesel electric generator. MORE INFO

Taytay, Palawan
Island for Sale (Code: IS-9715)
10 hectares - 150 m. Island PHP 20 M
This island property is one of the nearest island in the town of Taytay, Palawan. Portion of the island has stone shoreline, coral reefs are still intact. Mangroves nearby serve as lobster sanctuary. The inner portion of the island is still classified as “Virgin Forest” with hard wood trees. MORE INFO

Linapacan, Palawan
Beautiful Titled Island for Sale (Code: IS-9713)
12.5 hectares - 500 m. Island PHP 900/sq.m.
The island has a wide beach coast on the south end with a 900 meter flat land area from the tree-line up to the center of the property. The sloped hill of this islands on the North edge is a perfect ground for adventurous trekkers and mountaineers alike. MORE INFO

El Nido, Palawan
Island Portion for Sale (Code: IS-9712)
3.2 hectares - - Island PHP 45 M
The property is a 3.2 hectare island portion – the island facing El Nido town. Property is located on the protected side (facing Palawan) in Sanctuary Bay, the last bay before reaching the ocean side of Cadlao. It is about 10-15 minutes by Bangka from El Nido town. MORE INFO

Taytay, Palawan
Small Island for Sale (Code: IS-9707)
4 hectares - - Island PHP 15 M
A four hectare island located in Shark Fin Bay, Taytay, Palawan. It is one hour and forty minutes banca (boat) ride from Poblacion, Taytay. The Island has several beaches and interesting hidden areas with the highest peak 160' above sea level. Located adjacent to a small resort. MORE INFO

Taytay, Palawan
Island for Sale (Code: IS-9706)
8.8 hectares - - Island PHP 30 M
This island is a 8.8 hectares located northeast of mainland Palawan with 400 meters of white sand beach and large forest trees. It is 40 minutes ride by Banca from town center. MORE INFO

Taytay, Palawan
Island with Building for Sale (Code: IS-9705)
3 hectares - - Island USD $20 M
It's a develop paradise of an island surrounded by marine life sanctuary. With Solar power electric, spring water, two swimming pools, exquisite SPA, six bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, three kitchens, and helipad. MORE INFO

Culion, Palawan
Island Portion for Sale (Code: IS-507)
101 Has. - - Island PHP 30 Million
Island portion with long white sand beach approximately 3kms. It is situated in the northwestern part of Calamianes group of islands facing south china sea. It has planted with few mango, cashew & coconut trees. Feasible for commercial resort or private development.

Linapacan , Palawan
Big Island Portion For Sale (Code: IS-513)
18 Has. - - Island PHP 150/sqm
This beautiful island is located southwest of Linapacan town about 4 hours by boat. This island is surrounded by corrals, clear blue water and rich in marine life. It ha long white sand beach. Planted with coconut, cashew, banana, bamboo trees. About two hours by boat from mainland barangay (village) of El Nido. It has cell phone signal, water deep well source. Ideal for big resort development. Tax declared property. Sellers are open to sell portion only. Closing cost expenses will be shoulder by the seller.

Quezon , Palawan
Island in Quezon, Palawan For Sale (Code: IS-508)
82,884 sq.m. - - Island PHP 30 Million
This whole island is less than an hour from the mainland. It is located in the western coast of Palawan island. It has flat & hilly terrain. Surrounded by rocks and white sand. The white sand beach area is facing northeast about 250 meters long. The flat area is planted with coconut & banana trees. During rainy season this island has water supply through deep well. Beautiful corrals and abundant marine life in the area. MORE INFO

Aborlan, Palawan
Island for Sale(Code: IS-504)
18 Has. - - Island PHP 62 Million
Private island for a beach resort or home. Nice view of the mainland mountain range, just few minutes from the mainland. Beautiful, white sand beaches, coral reefs for diving and snorkeling; fully planted with coconut trees ages 40-50 years old; fresh water in the middle of the island (well); Ipil-ipil trees; Balite tree (since time immemorial); cell phone signals. MORE INFO

Roxas, Palawan
Beautiful Islands For Sale (Code: IS-501)
57,204 sq.m. - - Island PHP 60 M
Island with long white beach. Just few minutes from the mainland. About 2.5 hours from the airport. Very ideal for island resort development. Titled. MORE INFO

Quezon Province < Luzon Region >

Properties from this area will be posted here soon.

Samar Province < Mindanao Region >

San Jose, Northern Samar
36,500 sq.m. - - Island PHP 850/ sqm.
As an extraordinary new year offer are we now offering our complete, titled Turtle island for sale. Why is this such a sensational offer? Because it gives the right to utilize the whole 30 hectares or 300,000 sqm. MORE INFO

Northern Samar Province < Mindanao Region >

San Jose, Northern Samar
Private Island for Sale (Code: IS-9714)
29,000 sq.m. - ±200 m. Island PHP 5.5 M
This island has 2.9 hectares land area (29,000 sq.m.) with approved cadastral survey. This island is sorrounded by a foreshore of fine sand which is good for swimming. This is only 5 minutes from San Jose sea port. Only 20 minutes from Catarman Airport! Ready for titling in the name of the buyer. MORE INFO

Lavezares, Northern Samar
Nice Island for Sale (Code: IS-9709)
30,000 sq.m. - - Island PHP5,310,000
The island is located in Tinangisan, San Juan, Lavezares, Northern Samar. Only 50 minutes from Catarman Airport. Potable water and electricity are both available on the island. MORE INFO

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